ViMie Getaway #1

traveling with my bff is the best thing ever! cheer

on the way to the airport, sad to leave singapore…………….




NOT! cheercheercheer



even though it was super early morning flight, we wereeee too happpyyyyy woohooo cheer




yes its mandatory to buy cosmetics & perfumes in airport, but how can we not buy alcohollllhigh five our fixed travel routine is, we will get our beer & start drinking once we stepped into airport wahaha cheer enjoy to the fullest & forget about the world a little while! work hard play hard people! thumbs up



up up here we go ohhh~ sing



thats all for today, more to come~ kiss



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i luvv my mama

since young, as young as i was still in her womb (wahaha) before coming to this wonderful world, i been hearing people telling my mom “you are so pretty” bla bla bla batting eyelashes as i grow up the praises did not cease, instead, new compliments are flooding her with happiness & of course proud-ness love struck people would be saying….

“omg you are her mom?! look like sisters!?” or

“your daughter very pretty, have your good genes” (ok thats a pretty shameless self praise lol rolling on the floor buttt i am just typing what others say okayy tongue) or

“wa how you maintain ah!? your complexion is flawless ,your legs so skinny, your hair is so nice, your belly button so nice” ok whatever bla bla ba & more. (i added the belly button myself btw ya laughing)

to me, my mom is the most beautiful woman & i am the proudest daughter on earth thumbs up but besides her beauty, i am so so proud of her being a capable & independent & kind hearted lady whom i always look up to as a role model love struckcheer

she worked & fought really really hard during her younger days when i was little, she gave herself no room for resting hot she didnt had enough sleep & she bearly eats as she was too busy. despite her busy schedules, she totally was there for me the wholeee time loving me with all she had, make sure that i study well i eat well i sleep well i dress well love struck


besides being the super doting & loving mom, i admire her for her capability. unlike me as a freaking cook lover, my mama cant even cook rice in a cooker properly thumbs down & she doesnt do housework as well. but i am so impressed by her career ability, i always feel inspired & motivated when she shares her past work stories with me thumbs up my mom retired since many many years ago at an impressive young age & has been traveling & enjoying her life without doing anything anymore. i really want to live her life even as her daughter zz at wits' end therefore seeing my mama always gives me a “push force” & work harder just to be half as awesome as her happy




besides all the above mentioned there are billionnnn trillionnnn of reasons my mama is awesome & i love her to the moon & back then love her to jupitar & mars & back again then to venus ok ok i stop wahahah rolling on the floor  (honestly trust me.. i am a super lame & boliao person rolling on the floor ) okay besides all the above mentioned there are billion & trillion of reasons why i love my mama, one of which is, she is my bestttt photographer~ wahaha~ high five




my superwoman my pillar my bestfriend my soulmate my mama <3

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random saturday post

just came back from 30mins of slow jogging, feels damnnn good thumbs up  girls if you wanna work out, jogging slowly will do as you do not wanna end up with thick calves exercise


10pm on a saturday night, i am home chillaxing & typing this music if it was 3 or 4 years ago, i definitely would be putting on my shimmery smoky eye make up & wearing the most flattering party dress & getting all ready for a crazzeeeeyy party wahahaparty



like this



like this



like this


like this

like this


like this


ok enough of oldddddd “like this party pictures” wahaha



i loved drinking. today i still love drinking very much & i really appreciate alcohol thumbs up i still do club or go out during weekend nights, like once every 2months. but i would very much prefer staying in with my family & watch movies & drink together love struck



nuff for today, have a happy saturday peeps~ high five

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chinese new year with soh family who is just like my own family!

handsome little QQ~ mad love playing with baby & kids big hug to me, the most most most ideal job would be a housewife thumbs up cooking & taking care of the man you love for life & your baby, perfffff~




being an extremely active lil boy, yeaaaa, it is really difficult to take a proper picture with him. so i am only uploading nicer pictures of me since he looks good in anyyy shitty angle wahaha


just look at his features….. life is truly unfair sometimes hur waiting  wahaha~ i always tell my bff if my future baby could be as good looking as Q, it is okay to shorten my life for 10 years thinking okay 10 years is too long, maybe 5… thinking okay maybe 3 wahaha rolling on the floor



dearest 奶奶(grandma) stirred fried superzxc yummy po-piah filling! as a cook lover, i admire her culinary skills, all the dishes she made are of restaurant standard, or maybe even better drooling


my pwetty bff rolling her po-piah in a very “normal person” manner. then i said, baby come, i take a photo of you rolling po-piah big grin upon hearing that, wow wow wowwwwwwww


moler (model) vibe instantly unleashed as she immediately freezed & posed for the camera, with a thin slice of po-piah skin on hand waaahahaha rolling on the floor


#ootd – floral splash blouse, love the material & cutting, get yours at, trust me, you WILL love it! love struck


thou i love what i was wear very berry much, as the night falls, it is the annual gambling time! huat ahhh~ thumbs up

Floral Splash Blouse










and we changed into the most kiasu (scare lose) CNY outfit ever wahahaha rolling on the floor i was wearing a tee with “BUN” on it, bff was wearing a tee with “LUCK” on it wahhaa rolling on the floor

and the slogan goes like, yes we had slogan wahaha

vivian : hi i am bun

jamie: hi i am luck

together: we are BUN LUCKKKKK~ high five wahahahaha

if you wanna ask whether if we won wearing the bun luck tees, hmm, technically yes, in bun luck. we were the banker for the night, and we kept scroring really imba cards like 20 21 and of course, dearest bun luck wahahhigh five the players were losing so they suggested to change game and of course we agreed as we were on fireee high five

so we started playing “eight nine” whereby you score an immediate win with 2 cards adding up to 8 or 9, or score the highest number with maximum 3 cards, omg i am so lazy to explain. if you dont know this game skip this part tongue so back to the story, as we played “eight nine”, you can’t believe it, we continue scoring good cards like 20 21 & of course, our dearest bun luck.. but the thing is, in this changed game, the good cards in bun luck are shitty cards in “eight nine”, like 19(1+9) became 0, 20(2+0) became 2, and our dearest bun luck (picture+1) was 1, whattttt theeeeeeee at wits' end

so…. yea we did had alot alot of bun lucks lol, we didnt win give up but winning is not the main thing of course, we had TOO MUCH FUN! high five after the night, bff and i discussed that we must be well prepared for CNY 2016, not only we are getting bun luck tees, we are also getting “eight nine” tees, mahjong tees, “in between” tees wahahah rolling on the floor

ok end of a happy post, smiled throughout while typing every word blushing unlike fb & ig, this blog is still the space that i can be myself the most blushing



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i swear this is one of the most enjoyable and fun day of my life, looking back at these pics i am still laughing my ass off hahaha~ something i have never tried before, water war within the mountains of mountains lolllll laughinglaughing


 photo P1000139.jpg


 photo P1000140.jpg



 photo P1000142.jpg




 photo P1000159.jpg


 photo P1000178.jpg



 photo P1000179.jpg



 photo P1000183.jpg



 photo P1000184.jpg


the weirdest VIcation which involves no shopping at all laughinglaughing however quality time spent with family beats anything and everything love struck

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guangzhou trip with my beloved family~

during the 4hours flight while everyone is sleeping sleepy, i……………..
 photo IMG_5641_.jpg


uh hur, #selfie is a must tongue

 photo IMG_5635_.jpg




and then i started reading.…
 photo IMG_5656_.jpg





and drank some beer…

 photo IMG_5651_.jpg





and i felt tipsy and fell aslept……

ok i was totally pretending to be sleeping just for this mandatory inflight sleeping photo wahahaha rolling on the floor

 photo IMG_5630_.jpg




and finally we arrived! high five

 photo IMG_5661_.jpg



 photo IMG_5672_.jpg






roadtrip to some really “countryside” area for sightseeing, was kinda reluctant at first but wowww man, i really saw nature’s beauty at its best thumbs up

 photo IMG_5677_.jpg




seafood  feast for lunch! seriously mad mad mad love these hugeeee BBQ oysters with minced garlic and spring onion soooo good omg thumbs up

 photo IMG_5682_.jpg




i told ya they are HUGE~ love strucklove strucklove struck

 photo IMG_5683_.jpg




after 1hour of drive we arrived at the top of the mountain! oh the viewwwwww surprise was really mesmerized since the only mountain i been to was erm bukit timah hill wahaha rolling on the floor

 photo IMG_5691_.jpg




as it was the peak of summer the sun really had no mercy at wits' end  my mom was sooo afraid that her dearest daughter would become dark so she bought this “FARMER” hat for me WAHAHAHAHA rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor it was the only sun protector available around this mountainy place hahaharolling on the floor  so here’s a pic of my mom putting on the farmer hat and ninja-ing me up wahaha rolling on the floor seriously lina (my mom’s name, i call her lina all the time as we are really close like bffs) can you get any cuter?!??! kisskisskiss


 photo IMG_5686_.jpg




l i g h t h e a r t e d


h a p p y
 photo IMG_5704_.jpg




 photo IMG_5703_.jpg



and yeaaa we picked some cute lil flowers~ love strucklove struck

 photo IMG_5706.jpg

i love my family more than everything in the world, and this sentence means so much more xxx kisskisskiss

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dim sum sunday ~

sundays are for……………. chillin’ relaxin’ & dim-sum-ing w/ the family!! cheer


before i was entering the restaurant, i was taking 23782 #ootd selfies w/ this “mirror”. i stood infront of the “mirror” for at least 30seconds flipping my hair, wear sunglasses, remove sunglasses, posing, & angle-ing. and then i entered the restaurant, i realized almost all the people inside were lookin’ at me, and thennn…….i realized…… the “mirror” was not THE “mirror”……..surprise it was clear glass window panels w/ reflective mirror UV sticker on the outside…….. which means while everyone was happily dimsum-ing & i stood infront of them for 30seconds selfie-ing & posing, and they were totally lookin’ at me for the whole time while i thought no one was lookin’………… eerrrrrrrrr d'ohwahahaa rolling on the floor





































bloated & happy. bye.

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books shoppin’ before meeting ma girlies for some nom nom & catch up session! big hug  & yes i do read, not excessively, but i do tongueday dreaming


love them to bits! love struck



actually there are like 644354 selfies we took, here’s the best 3 wahaha laughing



such a happy day filled w/ laughters & love w/ my dear girls today! cant wait to see you girls soon again~~~

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day out w/ le bff

bestie & i used to meet up every. single. day. after being a mother, this full time job has taken up almost all her time. moreover she has a real full time job & really busy work scheduleson the phone, the time for me has decreased to the lowest crying however, i am the most understanding & supportive bff in the world, i really deeply cherish each & every time she fork out time for me (‘: big hug  and each time we meet up, it is therapeutic. we get re-charged & literally recover from stress/unhappiness right after seeing each other love struck this is what they called “true love” i guess wahaha tongue



i am crowned as the “forever late queen” since forever. so while bestie was waiting for me, she did this heartie kit-kat thingy for me wahahaha laughing when i finally arrived, she said “see i love you so much i did this heart shape while waiting for u, inside the heart shape is V” wahhahaha rolling on the floor


heartie talks & madness laughters at our fav laksa & mala steamboat store~ drooling look at the crab roe overload~~~~ drooling






did a lil’ shoppin’ & ended our fun day big grin love love you always & forevaaaa xx

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out for shopping on such a sunny perfect weather day~

the begin of endless selfies, as usual tongue









visited my bella in her saint laurent store~ thanks to her i had VIP treatment & sippin’ champagne right in there big hug

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